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Types of Bathroom Hand Dryers for Easy Use

When choosing from different commercial bathroom hand dryers, consider the needs of your business and your customers. While it may seem unimportant, the bathroom in your brick-and-mortar business may actually reflect something of importance. It’s an opportunity to bolster your aesthetic as well as build trust with your customer. As we move into 2022, the Covid-19 pandemic is still on our minds. So, providing a safe space with easy-to-use products that allow for speed and efficiency is important. Your customers will take notice. The hand dryer you choose should tackle all of these considerations and make you feel confident that you’re providing the best option. 

Top Considerations for Choosing a Hand Dryer

If you are choosing between various bathroom products for your commercial space, you have more to consider than you think. Your first thought may be just to choose the cheapest or easiest option. However, this can actually hurt your business over time. Choosing the product that seems cheapest now likely won’t result in the best product in the future. Instead of jumping the gun, consider the following aspects of hand dryer makes and models. 

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Noise level
  • Design
  • Cost

These five considerations represent all of the innovative product changes companies have made to their hand dryer product line. Choosing the least noisy might be the most important consideration for your type of business. On the other hand, you might want to choose a stylish product that reflects your business’s brand aesthetic. In this case, the design might matter most. Before making a final decision, consider these aspects of each product and determine which you should prioritize. 

Types of Hand Dryers

There are a few types of hand dryers when you are vetting your options. 

  • High-speed: Typically more energy efficient than traditional hand dryers, these use less energy by using less wattage and stay on for a shorter period of time. The high-speed hand dryer does tend to be louder than slower hand dryers. 
  • Standard speed: This is the go-to choice for a regular speed hand dryer. It is a top pick for its basic effectiveness and long-lasting durability. 
  • Low-energy: This type of hand dryer uses less energy than both options above and prioritizes low long-term costs for the business that chooses this option. 
  • Anti-microbial: These hand dryers are generally more hygienic than your standard hand dryer. It may contain a HEPA filter or simply be a “touchless” application. These are a great choice for those with safety as a top priority. 
  • Low-noise: These dryers are built to produce the least amount of noise possible. Businesses that require minimal sound typically choose this style. 

Whichever type you choose, you should also remember to consult ADA standards. Remember that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires that items that are in a passageway protrude 4 inches or less off the wall. Make sure to learn as much as you can about the requirements for ADA standards before making any decisions. The easiest way to meet this standard is to mount your dryer out of a passageway at the end of a wall, for example, near a sink or behind a partition.

Top Hand Dryer from American Specialties, Inc. 

All of the hand dryers at American Specialties, Inc. are ADA-compliant and prioritize usability and functionality. 


New Elegant ADA-Compliant, High-Speed, Automatic Hand Dryer. A HEPA filter is used to purify the air before it dries hands. The replaceable filter is housed in a separate chamber, which allows it to be easily accessed for removal without the need to disconnect the dryer. The dryer provides operating flexibility. The owner controls air temperature as well as airspeed to suit their needs. The five-year warranty provides peace of mind. Available in Matte Black, White, or Satin Finish Stainless Steel in 110~120V or 208~240V.

American Specialties, Inc.: A Single-source Solution

American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) can help you choose washroom products that support all of your business objectives. For customers who demand high-quality products, ASI offers the most complete collection of commercial restroom equipment. We are proud that ASI Group designs, engineers, and manufactures the washroom products we sell. This includes fully integrated washroom accessories, partitions, lockers, and visual display products. As a result, our customers can come to us with anything they need, from the beginning of their search through maintenance in the future. To place an order, use the ASI 24/7 Customer Service tool, which creates and tracks orders, so the answers to all your questions are right at your fingertips.

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