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Guide Specifications

These occupancy specific guide specifications have been carefully curated for the various environments to assist you with ASI Accessory selections. The following packages include a set of specifications, a schedule of materials, technical data sheets, and BIM objects. Each set of project types has also been broken out into single-user washrooms and multi-user washrooms. If you would like further guidance with the following specifications, please reach out to your local ASI Group Architectural Representative and they will be more than happy to offer their expertise. Their contact information can be easily found at https://americanspecialties.com/representatives/


Projects where typically high design and high traffic or abuse are less critical. Examples would include standard retail facilities, back of house environments, small office buildings among others.

High Traffic:

Projects that experience high traffic or high abuse, where the highest level of durability are paramount. Examples would include schools, universities, transit centers, sporting arenas, airports and the like.


Projects that want to invoke a sense of higher-end design, where products validate and accentuate the architects design intent and where occupants are less likely to be abusive to the built environment, such as hospitals, Class A office space, high end restaurants, luxury suites in sporting arenas, and hospitality environments, just to name a few.

Guide Spec Format
AIA Format CSI Format
Facility Type / Washroom Capacity Short Form Long Form Short Form Long Form
Budget / Single User
Budget / Multi User
High Traffic / Single User
High Traffic / Multi User
Designer / Single User
Designer / Multi User

Included with each Guide Specification download: Technical Data Sheets, BIM Objects, Brochure, and Schedule of Materials.

American Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.