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With operating units and offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the UK, the Middle East, Mexico, and China, and with sales in over 50 countries, the ASI Group has expanded its ability to serve Architects, Building Owners, and Contractors the world over.

The ASI group is known for innovative products, speed to market, and the widest offering of material and products in Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and storage devices, and Visual Display Products. Our family of companies work together with one mission in mind – “To make our customers successful by providing value that exceeds price and an excellent service experience”. Privately owned and operated since inception, we maintain flexibility to deliver unique products to suit your needs, and a nimble managing philosophy – we have built processes that allow us to ship more products in 48 hours from the time of order than anyone else in our industry.

Please call on one of our divisions and you will find a common thread tying them together - our customers are the focal point around which our businesses revolve. Architects, Contractors, Building Owners, School Districts and Universities, Chain Stores, Hospitals, Airports, Government Buildings, and a variety of other building types have come to rely on our experience, quality, and ease of doing business for many decades.

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Since 1957 ASI Accurate Partitions has been a pioneer in the commercial bathroom partition industry. Our offering of material choices and mounting styles provides architects the freedom to deliver low life-cycle cost products for any building types without sacrificing style. From stainless steel, powder coated steel and solid plastic, to solid phenolic (black core and color-thru) and plastic laminate; we can meet or exceed any specifications, ADA compliance and LEED requirements.

And now with the new Alpaco Collection, a European Style offering, and Ultimate Privacy™ Partitions, Accurate Partitions leads the market with aesthetic choice, robust styles and more privacy options for any designer.

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ASI Global Partitions, the most widely specified manufacturer of toilet partitions in the industry, has offered architects and building owners more choices in toilet partitions, from powder coated steel, stainless steel, and solid plastic to black core phenolic, color-thru phenolic and plastic laminate in any mounting styles. Plus we offer the greatest selection shipped in 48 hours as well.

Building on choices, we now offer our newest European Style Privacy Partitions – the Alpaco Collection, a marriage of European design and American manufacturing ingenuity. ASI Global Partitions - LEED Friendly, Designer Friendly, ADA Friendly, and Customer Friendly.

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Architects, designers, building owners, facility managers and construction professionals know that when you need a storage product that consistently delivers on a promise of quality, value, and choice, ASI Storage is your solution. Since 2003, ASI STORAGE SOLUTIONS has been manufacturing lockers with more top-of-the-line features that meet or exceed specifications for all types of facilities including schools, colleges, sports arenas, and hospitals.

With many different configurations, colors and specification options in powder coated steel, phenolic and solid plastic, combined with ADA and LEED compliance, ASI Storage Solutions can satisfy the most discerning designer while meeting any end user's needs. Also, check out our range of cubbies, shelving, and other storage options.

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In 2016 Architectural School Products (ASP) merged with the ASI Group, a NY based multi-national building product manufacturer, to form a new company—ASI Visual Display Products (ASI VDP).

Reputation: While our name has changed our reputation for excellent customer service will not! As we have done since inception in 1959, we will continue to build on this rich heritage with the added strength that ASI Group brings to support our customer’s needs.

Product Choice: Each building has unique product needs depending on a variety of factors—occupant types, frequency of use, geography, and different levels of wear and tear. We set ourselves apart in our ability to meet or exceed any aesthetic, application and performance needs with the broadest selection of surface or frame materials, frame types, colors, and flexible installation styles.

Speed: With the ASI Group providing a backdrop of support, our experienced team will now be able to ship even more products within 48 hours, from the time you approve an order. More than anyone in the industry.

Innovation: Delivering industry changing products like glass marker boards, or a frame such as the Elite Series™ that creates a striking aesthetic of appearing to float off your finished wall, we have led the industry because innovation is part of our DNA.

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ASI Group Canada (Watrous) is the Single Source Solution for Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and other storage products. Our Partitions range from stainless steel, powder coated steel and solid plastic, to solid phenolic (black core and color-thru) and plastic laminate in every construction style now including an Ultimate Privacy™ offering that is unmatched. Our lockers are made from powder coated steel, solid plastic, and solid phenolic in a variety of configurations, and our washroom accessories offering covers every product type - hand dryers, paper towel and waste combination units, baby changing stations, soap dispensers, grab bars, mirrors and much more.

Please call our experts to assist you in meeting ADA barrier free compliance, LEED requirements and also to help you in selecting the right product and material type for your specific environment.

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Sophisticated, Elegant, Durable, Designer Friendly—words that have been used to describe Alpaco™ Cubicles and Lockers for a generation in some of the most prestigious projects not only in Europe, but around the world. We offer several styles and configurations to meet the need of any type of project ranging from executive office buildings, five star hotels, and international airports to hospitals, universities, sports stadiums, and entertainment complexes.

With the addition of Washroom Accessories to our portfolio, ASI Group Europe is positioned as the only company you call when you need the best in innovative products and customer service to meet your Washroom and Locker Room needs.

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Since expanding into Washroom Accessories in 1959 JD MacDonald has become recognized in Australia as the leader in Washroom Accessories, from hand dryers, baby changing stations, grab rails, paper towel and waste bin combination units, soap dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers, and much more.

In recent years JD Macdonald was acquired by the ASI group and the newly founded ASI JD MacDonald has expanded its offering to provide more choices than anyone in their markets. We are now positioned as the Single Source Solution to meet the needs of the most demanding projects and the most discerning designers.

ASI JD MacDonald are proud to announce that we now supply and install a broad range of toilet partitions. Our patented systems provide you with unique, strong and innovative designs which will outlast and out-perform many other toilet cubicle and shower partitioning systems.

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American Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.