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What is a Commercial Grade Restroom Mirror?

Purchasing a commercial bathroom mirror isn’t as simple as choosing and moving along. There are a few considerations that come to mind. Owners and managers should remember that the bathroom in their brick-and-mortar public space actually reflects an opportunity for their business. The bathroom should match the business’s aesthetic, as well as provide a clean and functional space. That said, the commercial bathroom mirror you choose should reflect your customer’s needs. Consider size and type of mirror, as not all products are created equal. Which products are right for your business? Learn more below.

Commercial bathroom mirror types

There are two basic categories of commercial glass mirrors: framed or frameless glass.

Both are what most people recognize as standard mirrors. One type, as the name implies, is framed with a unique edge while the other type is not. Generally speaking, most businesses use framed mirrors are standalone pieces. On the other hand, frameless mirrors can be part of a bigger project, such as a mirrored accent wall. There are also plenty of colors and types of glass within these categories to choose from, each serving different purposes. 

In design, framed or frameless glass mirrors are most often found in: 

  • Office spaces, waiting areas, and restrooms
  • Hotels and other hospitality businesses
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Dressing rooms
  • Gyms or fitness centers
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Reception and event centers

What is the perfect size for a commercial mirror?

Commercial bathroom mirrors can be made to any size and shape that your space requires. However, you should remember that the size you choose plays a role in the overall cost. 

In general, you should use glass sheets that stay within industry standards. The most common stock mirror sheet sizes are 72″ x 100″ and 72″ x 120″. 

Projects using glass sheets that exceed standard sizes make it much more difficult. For this type of project, you’ll need to find a glass fabricator. You should note that it costs more for mirror fabrication. This is due to the fact that the fabricator must:

  • Apply a safety backing. (A polypropylene film on the back of a mirror sheet that keeps the pane intact should it break.)
  • Install a J-channel. (A hardware accessory that hangs frameless wall-mounted mirrors.)

Overall, choosing a commercial bathroom mirror that is a standard size helps you minimize production costs and save time.

Tips for choosing a mirror for your project

Below are a few tips to ensure you choose the right size and type of mirror for your project. 

  • In general, a mirror’s size should make sense for its intended use. Bathroom and vanity mirrors should be taller and larger because people use them to see their entire reflections. 
  • Choose a large, frameless mirror when you want your mirror to blend in with the rest of your space. Because of its size, eyes are drawn to the other design elements in a room, rather than the mirror itself. 
  • If you want your bathroom to feel bigger and brighter, large clear mirrors allow for plenty of light reflection. They also give the illusion of more space. 
  • Use smaller mirrors primarily for accent pieces. In some cases, when you hang a small mirror by itself on a large wall, it looks out of place. You can use these mirrors as details in your aesthetic, rather than for their larger function. 
  • Remember that when you hang a mirror above furniture, it should not be wider than the piece itself. 

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