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Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers: New Designs for Safe Use

The Covid-19 pandemic led to many changes in the way we live our private and public lives. Maintaining a feeling of safety and wellbeing during these times is crucial. In public spaces especially, we are looking for solutions that ensure this feeling. Additionally, we want to continue to live our lives the way we did before. As a result, companies are being tasked with providing safe spaces to retain their customer base. This is no small task for brick-and-mortar businesses that see customers every single day. While you want the entire facility is following safe practices, the restroom is a good place to start. Touchless products, such as commercial paper towel dispensers, can help to generate a feeling of safety and bring your customers back day after day. 

Why Try Touchless Restroom Accessories in 2022?

It may seem to some people that the Covid-19 pandemic is “winding down.” For those people, as of early 2022, they may not be as concerned with safety. As a citizen and a civilian, it is any person’s right to make that decision for themselves. However, as a business owner or manager, your customer’s safety should remain of the highest importance. While each individual person has his or her own unique stance on the situation, businesses must continue to provide environments where any and all people of varying opinions are comfortable in the space. 

According to new metrics released by the CDC, about 70% of the U.S. population lives in a place where they no longer need to wear a mask to protect themselves and others. However, many of these people are still choosing to wear them out of an abundance of caution during this transitional period. Additionally, Dr. Lisa Maragakis, senior director of infection prevention at the Johns Hopkins Health System, believes that “We need to understand and take care of the people who are most vulnerable among us…” All of this information points to the fact that considering the safety and wellbeing of our customers is still paramount to finding success in today’s climate. 

Touchless Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers for Every Aesthetic

To make sure your company is among the businesses promoting safety and wellness, consider your public restroom. You should take every aspect of the space into account to maximize its full potential. 

  • Make sure you’ve designed a layout that maximizes space. This allows people to easily enter and leave the space without coming into too close of contact with others. 
  • Perform regular maintenance to the space is clean and in working order. This will help people move more easily and quickly. 
  • Install equipment that creates efficiencies. Automated and touchless fitting are great options. 

When it comes to commercial paper towel dispensers, the following options might suit your business’s style and aesthetic while also providing the benefits of a touchless product. 


Battery-operated and surface-mounted, this paper towel dispenser is stainless steel and has stub roll capability for continuous dispensing. 


Battery-operated and semi-recessed, this paper towel dispenser has an LED light that indicates sensing and battery condition. It also features a locking door that prevents unauthorized access and roll removal.


This paper towel dispenser is battery-operated and completely recessed. It is matte black with a phenolic door, which provides a bold and modern look. It offers a minimalistic look while allowing the owner to set length, delay, and paper saver switches.

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American Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to make design changes or to withdraw any design without notice.