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Green Initiatives

American Specialties Green Initiatives

American Specialties is proud to manufacture products that contribute to attainment of LEED credits that lead to LEED Certification. The purpose of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certification system is to help ensure the environmental viability of construction projects, especially in energy saving capabilities and resource preservation.

ASI contributes in the following manners:


ASI has a complete line of high-speed automatic hand dryers that are GreenSpec® certified.

  • Use less energy
  • Use less paper
  • Require less maintenance

Most of ASI products are at least 95% stainless steel by weight.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Contains approximately 65 – 70% post-recycled content
  • No pores or cracks to conceal dirt and bacteria, avoiding the use of harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Built-in corrosion resistance so there is no need for a coating, which is a source of harmful emissions
  • Very durable with a long service life

ASI Baby Changing Stations and other select products are made of Solid Plastic (HDPE).

  • 100% recyclable
  • Poly dust generated by cutting is collected for reuse
  • Excess material is ground up and bagged for cleanliness and reuse
  • Contains approximately 30 – 70% of pre-consumer material
  • Water, stain, and corrosion resistant

LEED Information

The Version 3 rating system certifies the construction project as a whole, earning points within credit categories. Individual materials and products used in the building process can assist in achieving these points toward becoming qualified.

Minimum Energy Performance

LEED V3 requires that all buildings vying for LEED certification demonstrate a 10% improvement in the proposed building performance rating for new buildings, or a 5% improvement in the proposed building performance rating for major renovations to existing buildings, compared with the baseline building performance rating.

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Recycled Content: 

LEED V3 awards up to two points for buildings that contain recycled, salvaged, reused, or refurbished materials, with points awarded as a function of the total building material weights (10% = 1 point, 20% = 2 points). Credit is based on the sum of post-consumer recycled material + ½ of post-industrial recycled material. This contributes to Credit 4 of the “Materials & Resources” area.

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Optimize Energy Performance: 

LEED V3 awards up to 19 points if buildings demonstrate up to a 48% improvement in the proposed building performance rating compared with the baseline building performance rating.

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Rapidly Renewable Materials: 

LEED V3 awards 1 point if 2.5% of the total value, based on cost of all building materials used, is derived from agricultural products that are harvested within a ten-year cycle or shorter. This contributes to Credit 6.0 of the “Materials & Resources” area.

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Low Emitting Materials: 

LEED V3 awards 1 point (Credits 4.1 and 4.2 of “Indoor Environmental Quality” area) if the VOC content is less than the current limits specified in SCAQMD Rule #1168 (adhesives) and Green Seal Standard GS-11 (paint), and 1 point (Credit EQ 4.4) if the composite wood and agri-fiber products contain no added urea-formaldehyde resins. 

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American Specialties products qualify for LEED 3 points as follows:
Leed Category Section & Points Description Stainless Steel Solid Plastic Description
Minimum Energy Performance EAp2 (0) Use less energy Yes
Optimize Energy Performance EA 1 (1-19) Use less energy Yes
Recycled Content MR 4 (1-2) Post-consumer & Post-Industrial 44% 16.5%
Rapidly Renewable Materials MR 6 (1) Content 2%
Low Emitting Materials EQ 4.1 (1) EQ 4.2 (1) VOC Content of Adhesives/Paint Below Defined Limits Adhesives: Yes N/A
Low Emitting Materials EQ 4.4 (1 Free of added Urea-Formaldehyde Resins Yes Yes

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