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Touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations Matter in 2022

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer Stations

There are many benefits to providing hand sanitizer stations to the people who frequent your public space. 

#1: Prevent The Spread of Infection

Simply put, placing hand sanitizer stations around your business stops the spread of infection. Placing them near frequently used and high-traffic areas, such as the restroom and entrance doors, will effectively reduce the spread of germs. 

#2: Improve Job Safety

Your staff plays an important role in maintaining the safety and well-being of your customers and each other. Providing easy-to-use stations as part of your post-pandemic plan helps to stop the spread of germs and illness. 

#3: Show Employees and Customers You Care

With both your staff and your customers using hand sanitizer, you can be sure that your brick-and-mortar location is clean and safe. Additionally, they’ll appreciate that you put the thought into providing them a safe space to work and enjoy themselves.

The Research Behind Cleanliness in 2022

The research behind germs tells us that restrooms are one of the top locations for viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms to spread. Because surfaces in restrooms are regularly exposed to microorganisms, they are one of the most important places to provide hygienic solutions to customers. In fact, one study shows us that the availability and usability of hand sanitizer stations make all the difference. This study, by Infection Prevention and Epidemiology at Bronson Methodist Hospital, tells us that “the total usability score (P = .0046), visibility (P = .003), and accessibility of the sanitizer… were statistically associated with higher observed compliance rates.”

In other words, making hand sanitizer dispensers more visible, easily usable, and accessible leads to a cleaner, more hygienic space. 

If that’s not enough proof of the importance of providing these resources to your customers, there is more. According to Allied Market Research, the demand for these dispensers in public places has risen dramatically. “In 2020, the automatic segment dominated the hand sanitizer dispenser market. This was attributed to a rise in demand for hand disinfectant units due to the outbreak COVID-19. Furthermore, consumer inclination toward health & wellness and product innovation…”

By taking an active part in your customers’ health and wellbeing, you are sure to retain your regulars and garner even more trust within your community as a business that cares for its patrons. 

Which Hand Sanitizer Stations Should I Buy? 

As we move on from the worldwide pandemic of the past few years, customers demand more. In fact, bathroom products that prioritize efficiency and ease of use are most in demand. Specifically, many customers are looking for touchless products to ensure their health and safety. Here are a few great options from American Specialties, Inc. 


This freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is a great option for those brick-and-mortar locations that do not have wall space. It allows for easy mobility, so you can move it around whenever necessary. Ease of use for the customer is also top of mind here. hand sanitizer dispenser


This hand sanitizer dispenser can be stand-mounted or surface-mounted. So, if you are looking for a product that provides options and flexibility for your space, this is it. It is a touchless dispenser, battery-operated, and has a removable tank for easy refills. 

hand sanitizer dispenser

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