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How Hotel Bathroom Accessories Ensure a Sanitary Public Space

When dreaming up a hotel bathroom, typically luxury is the first thing to come to mind. Open spaces, large showers, new and sleek appliances abound. In sum, as a guest, the hotel’s facilities should make you feel more than comfortable. In some instances, a bold, modern design matches the hotel’s funky and new-age aesthetic. At other locations, the hotel bathroom accessories are simple and streamlined and reflect the clean lines and airy space provided by the rest of the property. Either way, a hotel’s bathrooms are an opportunity to reflect luxury, comfort, and a hotel’s overall aesthetic. Another important detail to consider, however, is the safety and sanitation of these public spaces. Choosing the right hotel bathroom accessories ensures the safety and wellness of the guests. 

The Secret to Great Hotel Bathroom Design

The secret to designing a fabulous hotel bathroom? Consider balance above all else. As mentioned, there are so many factors that go into designing a beautiful and functional bathroom layout. From design aesthetic to functionality, as well as ease of use for the guest and maintaining a reasonable budget, the designer has to find a perfect balance.

On this laundry list of necessary considerations, the health and safety of the guests should be paramount. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, guests are more worried about their own health and safety in public places than ever before. In fact, according to Hotel Management, “nearly eight in 10 Americans drastically increased their handwashing frequency from six to 15 times per day. As a result, hospitality properties should find ways to marry sustainable practices with increased cleaning and hygiene measures to meet travelers’ new away-from-home expectations.” As we move into a post-pandemic world, these facts should stay top of mind for every hotel designer looking to build an oasis for their guests. 

Which Products to Consider

If cleanliness and aesthetics are equally important, choosing products that reflect that notion is key. To achieve this aforementioned balance of details, find hotel bathroom accessories that do more for less while adding a touch of luxury to the space. Following some established “best practices” can help you solidify your choices. In the same article, Hotel Management declares that “There are several best practices that properties can implement to support clean, sustainable restrooms. For example, consider adding touch-free options—sink faucets and toilet handles can have 17,976 and 107 germs per 10 square centimeters, respectively. There are also water-saving options like low-flow faucets and water-efficient toilets and automatic paper towel dispensers that help reduce waste.”

The following top-of-the-line hotel bathroom accessories support these best practices and will help you to achieve the ultimate balance between functionality and design, safety, and luxury. 

Matte Black Automated and EZ Fill Products

This collection provides a chic alternative for modern washrooms. Carefully curated to be versatile and powder coated for added durability, these accessories are ready to make a statement in any setting. The boldness of black creates an air of sophistication, while the subtlety of the matte finish exudes warmth.

Roval: Elegant Automated Products

This collection was engineered specifically for high-profile settings. These products add elegance, durability, and exceptional functionality to any bathroom without becoming the focal point. Ideal for the most aesthetically demanding applications, all product features are functionally superior, quickly installed, and easily maintained.

American Specialties, Inc.: A Single Source for Hotel Bathroom Accessories

Hotel bathroom accessories that balance functionality, beauty, and cost are hard to come by. For discerning customers who demand high-quality products, ASI offers the most complete collection of products for the modern washroom. Additionally, ASI Group designs, engineers, and manufactures fully integrated washroom accessories, partitions, lockers, and visual display products from one source. Our 24/7 Customer Service tool creates and tracks orders, so you have everything you need at your fingertips. This is just the beginning of what ASI has to offer. If you want to learn more about our products, please call us at 914.476.9000 or learn more about us here.

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