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Commercial Bathroom Stall Accessories

Commercial Bathroom Stall Accessories for a COVID-safe Restroom

Over the past few years, the COVID-19 virus changed the patterns of everyday life; even the need for new and inventive commercial bathroom stall accessories wasn’t immune. While the virus presented obstacles to our regular routines, it also left room for reinvention and growth. There came an opportunity to rethink the way we, as individuals and business owners, approach the tasks at hand. With the pandemic now behind us, we must now take into account the different ways that we learned to function in public spaces. Additionally, we should consider what our clients and customers will need to feel safe in this new climate, as well. 

As the world returns to activities in public spaces, with a different mindset and new priorities, the use of public restrooms is inevitable. This means we need to reconsider the best ways to make it a safe environment. A vigilant routine of cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to prevent spreading germs. However, there are tools at our disposal to bolster these efforts. Installing the right commercial bathroom stall accessories can improve overall sanitation and keep occupants safe.


Touchless Soap Dispensers

Touchless soap dispensers are now a staple tool in public restrooms. Especially during the pandemic, they helped to eliminate contact points in the washroom. These products also make it easier for users to thoroughly wash their hands. Finally, automating the process makes sure that washroom occupants move quickly and efficiently, minimizing the amount of time spent in this public space. Washing your hands represents the simplest hygienic habit and encouraging it is a great way to cut down on the spread of germs and disease.

EZ Fill™ Stand-alone Foam Soap Dispenser

Constructed of a chrome-plated spout, these heavy-duty brass dispensers feature hands-free sensor housing and a highly polished finish. They are battery or AC power-operated. LED indicates function and battery condition on the face front. EZ FILL™ features an anti-rotation flange and is easy to use. The translucent tank holds 33.8 oz (1 L) of liquid foaming soap. 


Other Commercial Bathroom Stall Accessories Like Automatic Hand Dryers

Similar to touchless soap dispenses, automatic hand dryers also eliminate contact points within a restroom. In addition, these touchless commercial bathroom stall accessories cut down the users’ time spent in the restroom. Finally, the newer styles of this product help to lessen the staff’s time replacing paper towel rolls and removing waste.

TURBO-Pro™ High-Speed ADA Hand Dryer

This hand dryer is ADA-compliant, high-speed, and automatic. It features a HEPA filter, which purifies the air before it dries hands. The filter is replaceable and lives in a separate chamber, which allows for removal without the need to disconnect the dryer. The owner controls air temperature as well as airspeed. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is made in three different colors: matte black, white, and stainless steel. 


Automatic Roll Towel Dispensers

All new automatic roll towel dispensers prevent germs from spreading while drying hands. Limiting the users’ contact with the product and saving time creates similar efficiencies to the products above.

PIATTO™ Automatic Roll Dispenser

This sophisticated automatic paper towel dispenser is completely recessed into the plane of the washroom wall. Field-adjustable, furniture-quality hinges attach the phenolic door to the cabinet. All hardware is concealed giving the Piatto™ Collection its minimalist appeal. This dispenser comes in matte black or white, is battery-operated, and automatically dispenses a length of towel when a hand is placed in front of it. At each activation, the unit feeds out a length of towel selected by the owner who sets the length, delay, and paper saver switches.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are Valuable Commercial Bathroom Stall Accessories too

As people are now in more of a hurry to get in and out of crowded public spaces, hand sanitizer has become an easy favorite. It is a quick and efficient solution for cleaning your hands in a hurry. Public restrooms that feature automated, touchless hand sanitizer dispensers create an even more streamlined experience for the occupants.

ROVAL™ Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A popular product during COVID-19, this dispenser can dispense soap or hand sanitizer in both foam and liquid formats. It can be surface- or stand-mounted. A single shot of foam soap or foam hand sanitizer is automatically dispensed by a battery-operated mechanism when the sensor under the dispenser is activated. 


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