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The Commonly Overlooked Commercial Toilet Accessories That Can Elevate a Business

In the meticulous world of commercial restroom design, it’s often the smallest commercial toilet accessories that make the biggest impact on user experience. Beyond the obvious fixtures like toilets, sinks, and soap dispensers, a suite of accessories stands poised to enhance functionality, hygiene, and accessibility. And they’re all at your disposal.

Let’s explore the role played by these often-overlooked restroom essentials. Then we’ll get into the five big benefits they can bring to your business:

  1. Enhanced customer experience
  2. Improved hygiene standards
  3. Brand reputation and image
  4. Inclusivity and accessibility
  5. And employee satisfaction

And a bonus sixth we’ll get into later. For now, let’s go through the ten most easily forgotten accessories every business should include in their commercial restroom design.


The Five Most Commonly Overlooked Commercial Toilet Accessories

And it’s not just that they’re so easily overlooked. Rather, it’s that they’re not given the proper attention and care they deserve in the restroom’s design process. They’re usually just tacked-on additions. Nothing more. However, putting some intentionality and thought into their application can truly elevate your space and enhance user experience. They are:

  1. Toilet seat cover dispensers
  2. Sanitary napkin and tampon dispensers
  3. Trash receptacles with lids
  4. Baby changing stations
  5. And hand sanitizer dispensers

Saying they’re worthwhile accessories to focus on is one thing. It’s another thing to prove it. Let’s talk about what makes these accessories shine and how to properly implement them.


Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers: Promoting Hygienic Practices

In one of their articles, ImperialDade, an industry leader in high-quality and top-of-the-line cleaning solutions, explained that even though “Restrooms take up to 5% percent of [the] commercial space [they] contain 20% of the dirt and account for 80% of building complaints.” the Ensuring optimal hygiene standards within commercial restrooms is paramount. Toilet seat cover dispensers offer users a practical solution to maintain cleanliness and peace of mind. By providing a physical barrier between users and toilet seats, these dispensers contribute significantly to the overall hygiene of the facility.

Install these dispensers near toilet stalls with clear instructions for use to promote hygiene. Regular stocking and strategic placement ensure effectiveness in maintaining cleanliness and user peace of mind.


Sanitary Napkin and Tampon Dispensers: Prioritizing Inclusivity and Comfort

This is one of those commercial toilet accessories that can instantly promote inclusivity. How? Acknowledging the diverse needs of restroom patrons is crucial for fostering an inclusive environment. Sanitary napkin and tampon dispensers exemplify this commitment by providing essential hygiene products to female users. Beyond mere functionality, these dispensers communicate a message of care and consideration towards all restroom visitors.

Place these dispensers discreetly in women’s restrooms with a variety of product options for user comfort. Prominently display signage to ensure all female patrons feel supported and respected.


Trash Receptacles with Lids: Mitigating Odors and Maintaining Cleanliness

Trash receptacles, often underestimated, play a pivotal role in upholding restroom aesthetics and hygiene. Lidded receptacles effectively contain waste, preventing unpleasant odors from permeating the space. By maintaining a tidy and odor-free environment, these receptacles elevate the overall restroom experience for users.

Select durable, odor-resistant bins and place them strategically throughout the restroom to contain waste and minimize odors. Regular cleaning and maintenance uphold cleanliness and prevent overflow.


Baby Changing Stations: Commercial Toilet Accessories That Support Family-Friendly Facilities

Businesses aiming to cultivate a family-friendly image must prioritize the provision of baby changing stations. These facilities cater to the needs of parents and caregivers, offering a safe and hygienic space for diaper changes. The inclusion of baby changing stations underscores a commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of patrons.

Install securely mounted changing stations in both men’s and women’s restrooms to support caregivers of all genders. Clear signage helps parents and caregivers locate these amenities easily.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers: Reinforcing Hygiene Protocols

In an era marked by heightened hygiene awareness, hand sanitizer dispensers have emerged as indispensable restroom fixtures. Offering a convenient alternative to handwashing, these dispensers promote hand hygiene practices among users. Their strategic placement within restrooms reinforces the establishment’s dedication to public health and safety.

Install quality dispensers in prominent locations and regularly refill them with sanitizer to promote hand hygiene. Informative signage encourages regular use and maintenance ensures effectiveness in preventing germ transmission.


Five More Commercial Toilet Accessories That are Just as Important

Those don’t even scratch the surface. There’s more. At this point, it may seem like a lot to consider. However, working with a proper designer to hone in on these things can truly set your business apart. These are the five other accessories that you can’t afford to overlook:

  1. Grab bars
  2. Toilet paper holders with reserves
  3. Mirrors
  4. Coat hooks
  5. And emergency assistance pull cords and buttons

Looking at the list, some of these might actually seem a little obvious. This assumption is why they’re so commonly neglected. It makes sense to install things like grab bars and mirrors, but it makes more sense to design and install them intentionally.


Grab Bars: Ensuring Accessibility and Safety

Restroom accessibility is a fundamental consideration in commercial design, with grab bars playing a crucial role in facilitating safe and comfortable access for all users. These fixtures offer support and stability, particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities. By prioritizing accessibility, businesses demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and compliance with regulatory standards.

Install grab bars to offer support and stability, particularly for users with mobility challenges. Prioritize accessibility to demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and regulatory compliance.


Toilet Paper Holders with Reserves: Commercial Toilet Accessories to Ensure Continuity of Service

The availability of toilet paper is a basic yet essential aspect of restroom functionality. Toilet paper holders equipped with reserves ensure a consistent supply of this indispensable commodity, minimizing inconvenience for users. By preemptively addressing potential shortages, establishments uphold service quality and user satisfaction.

Ensure consistent toilet paper availability by installing holders with reserves. Preemptively address potential shortages to uphold service quality and user satisfaction.


Mirrors: Enhancing Grooming and Perception

Mirrors serve a dual purpose in commercial restrooms, facilitating personal grooming activities while visually enlarging the space. Beyond their functional utility, mirrors contribute to the perceived cleanliness and sophistication of the restroom environment. Thoughtfully positioned mirrors elevate the overall aesthetic appeal and user experience.

Enhance restroom aesthetics and functionality with strategically positioned mirrors. Thoughtfully placed mirrors visually enlarge the space and contribute to perceived cleanliness and sophistication.


Coat Hooks: Promoting Organization and Neatness

Coat hooks may appear inconsequential, yet their absence can lead to clutter and inconvenience within restroom spaces. By providing designated areas for hanging coats and personal belongings, these fixtures promote organization and tidiness. The inclusion of coat hooks underscores an attention to detail and a commitment to user comfort.

Promote organization and tidiness by providing designated areas for hanging coats and personal belongings. Attention to detail with coat hook inclusion demonstrates a commitment to user comfort and convenience. Yes, even something as small as coat hooks finds itself in the list of commercial toilet accessories that make the biggest difference.


Emergency Assistance Pull Cords and Buttons: Ensuring User Safety

Prioritizing user safety is non-negotiable in commercial restroom design, with emergency assistance mechanisms serving as vital safeguards. Pull cords or buttons enable users to summon assistance swiftly in the event of emergencies, facilitating prompt responses from staff or emergency services. Their presence underscores a proactive approach to safety and regulatory compliance.

Prioritize user safety with emergency assistance mechanisms for swift summoning of help. These vital safeguards underscore a proactive approach to safety and regulatory compliance within restroom design.


The Benefits Intentional Commercial Washroom Accessories Bring to Your Business

As we mentioned earlier, integrating commonly overlooked commercial toilet accessories into your restroom design can yield several tangible benefits for businesses:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Access to amenities like baby changing stations, hand sanitizer dispensers, and well-stocked toilet paper holders enhances overall customer satisfaction, fostering repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Improved Hygiene Standards: Accessories such as toilet seat cover dispensers, hand sanitizer dispensers, and trash receptacles with lids contribute to maintaining a clean and hygienic restroom environment, reducing the risk of germ transmission and promoting public health.

Inclusivity and Accessibility: A commitment to providing inclusive restroom facilities reinforces the business’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity, fostering a welcoming environment for all customers and employees.

Brand Reputation and Image: A reputation for clean, well-equipped restrooms can influence customer loyalty and retention, as patrons are more likely to return to establishments that prioritize their comfort and convenience.

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity: Restrooms equipped with essential amenities enable employees to attend to personal needs efficiently, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity during work hours.

Risk Mitigation and Liability Reduction: Provision of emergency assistance mechanisms and adherence to accessibility standards mitigate the risk of accidents or emergencies within restroom facilities, reducing potential liability for businesses.

By investing in commonly overlooked commercial toilet accessories, businesses can reap significant rewards in terms of customer satisfaction, hygiene standards, inclusivity, brand reputation, employee well-being, and risk management. Ultimately, prioritizing restroom amenities reflects a commitment to excellence and sets businesses on a path to long-term success.


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The integration of commercial toilet accessories represents a conscientious investment in enhancing restroom functionality, hygiene, and user experience. By attending to these often-overlooked details, businesses can cultivate environments that prioritize user comfort, safety, and inclusivity, ultimately elevating their brand image and customer satisfaction levels.

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