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Touchless Public Toilet Accessories for a Covid-safe Space

Did you know that design is of the utmost importance for a public restroom? As a guest of the available facilities at your local grocery store, restaurant, or shop, maybe the idea of bathroom design never occurred to you. However, as a business owner, consider building well-laid plans for your public space. It could make or break the opinion of your prospective customers. Additionally, as we work our way through the era of Covid-19, this principle is doubly important. So, people want to feel safe in these required public spaces, knowing they can maintain social distance and are in a hygienic restroom. To provide this amenity, touchless public toilet accessories are a no-brainer. 

Why should business owners choose touchless public restroom accessories?

Safety and health are currently top-of-mind for every single person on the planet. It’s no longer an afterthought to simply walk into the facilities, use them, and walk out. In fact, most people are thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic and doing everything they can to distance themselves from opportunities to catch the disease. Unfortunately, as a necessary resource that is made available to the masses, a public restroom presents a lot of opportunities for contamination. 

In fact, this pandemic has revealed several issues pertaining to the public toilet. From Bloomberg, we have learned that “The state of public restrooms in the U.S. is pretty deplorable, with certain exceptions,” says ​​Steven Soifer, president and co-founder of the American Restroom Association. “Public restrooms are a half-assed job. This is a public health concern, especially with Covid. It’s been a mess.”

It all boils down to two important considerations for business owners. First, it’s crucial to create a clean and safe environment that provides peace of mind to customers. Second, executing on the first consideration with as much efficiency as possible. This is where touchless public toilet accessories come into the conversation. 

Top designs for touchless public toilet products

It’s simple, really. Touchless restroom products offer up less opportunity for the spread of germs by eliminating contact points. These products also make it easier for users to thoroughly wash their hands without making too much of a mess for the next person. Finally, automating the process makes sure that washroom occupants move efficiently, minimizing the amount of time they spend in the space. As we now know, washing your hands is the simplest hygienic habit, which can diminish the spread of Covid-19.

Consider a few of the following products, including soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel roll dispensers, and hand sanitizer dispensers. 

EZ Fill™ Stand-alone Foam Soap Dispenser

TURBO-Pro™  High-Speed ADA Hand Dryer

PIATTO™ Automatic Roll Dispenser

ROVAL™ Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

ASI: A Single-source Restroom Accessory Supplier 

American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) can help you design a washroom that accommodates your customers’ health and wellbeing. For discerning customers who demand high-quality products, ASI offers the most complete collection of commercial touchless public toilet accessories. Additionally, ASI Group designs, engineers, and manufactures from a single source. As a result, customers can come to us with any request, from the beginning of their search through upkeep and maintenance as the future unfolds. Finally, customers benefit from our 24/7 Customer Service tool. It creates and tracks orders, so the answers to all your questions are right at your fingertips. If you want to learn more about touchless washroom products, please call us at 914.476.9000 or learn more about us here.

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