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How to Build an ADA Compliant Bathroom for Public Use

When designing and building an ADA compliant bathroom, businesses need to take ADA requirements into account. The ADA, otherwise known as the American Disabilities Act, lays out certain standards for accessible design. In other words, there are specific guidelines that public organizations need to follow. To best serve every potential customer, following the rules and regulations is crucial. 

Becoming ADA compliant is a proactive effort that makes all organizations as inclusive as possible. This doesn’t just serve the community but also acts to serve the businesses abiding by these rules. By becoming accessible to all people, organizations can grow. If you want to learn more about ADA compliance standards for restrooms, then keep reading.

What is ADA compliance?

As mentioned, ADA compliance is short for the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. ADA compliance is the civil law that guarantees equal opportunity for disabled individuals in the public spheres of accommodation. In short, what that means is that the restroom space must be entirely accessible to all people with disabilities. 

How To Know if Your Space Follows ADA Compliance Rules

The best way to check if you have an ADA compliant bathroom is to measure. Of course, there are other ways to ensure compliance, but the most basic and least expensive way is simply to find a tape measure. You’ll have to conduct a walkthrough of your space, take measurements, and assess if any changes need to be made. 

Single-user restroom

According to the update made in 2010 to the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, the guidelines for a single-user restroom are as follows. 

  • There must be 30-inch by 48-inch access to the sink. The door cannot swing into this rectangle of space. The measurement starts from the point where a person has 9-inch vertical clearance for their feet and 27-inch vertical clearance for their knees.
  • The centerline of the toilet must be between 16 and 18 inches from the sidewall.
  • There must be a clear circle of at least 60 inches around the sidewall and 56 inches from the rear wall to allow a wheelchair to turn. Note again that the door cannot swing into the minimum required area for wheelchair-accessible toilet compartments.
  • The toilet seat height must be between 17-19 inches.

Multi-user restroom

For multi-user restrooms, the ADA compliance guidelines follow the same principles but include additional elements. These include the following. 

  • If the approach is to the latch side of the compartment door, the clearance between the door side of the compartment and any obstruction shall be 42 inches minimum. ANSI A117.1 604.9.3 and ADAAG 4.17.5.
  • The width of a wheelchair-accessible compartment must be 60 inches.
  • If the water closet is floor-mounted, the depth of the compartment must be 59 inches.
  • If the water closet is wall-mounted, the depth of the compartment is required to be 56 inches.
  • Toilet rooms, like other accessible and usable spaces, must provide a 60-inch turning diameter or alternate T-turn somewhere in the room.

3 Products to Help Build an ADA Compliant Bathroom

The following three products are very important when choosing restroom fittings for an ADA-compliant bathroom. 

  1. Grab Bars: All ASI grab bars are made in compliance with ADA guidelines for strength requirements. Various configurations feature satin finish 18 gauge type 304 stainless steel (peened or smooth). These single structure units are heliarc-welded, and mandrel bending ensures uniform bar diameters. 
  2. Shower & Tub Accessories: ASI provides a full range of shower and tub accessories that show attention to detail to address the safety and comfort needs of users. In fact, all items—including shower seats and benches, tub seats, soap dishes, and shower curtain rods—are designed to ensure secure installation and easy use.
  3. Accessible Toilets & Sinks: Each of these accessories needs to be a certain size and have a certain amount of space surrounding it to make it ADA accessible. For help, speak to someone at ASI today who can talk you through which options might work for your space. 

American Specialities, Inc.: Restroom Products Designed with Everyone in Mind

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