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1204 Shower Rod 440x440


Flanges for Shower Curtain Rod, End Flanges (Pair)

Flanges fabricated of 20ga. stainless steel with a satin finish. Flanges have (3) countersunk 13/64″ (5.2mm) dia. holes to accept #10 flat or oval head screws furnished by others.

Rod is installed in straight section between two (2) mounting flanges. Rods longer than 72′′ (1829mm) require ceiling hanger Model No 1204-C18.

For use with standard shower curtain model No ’s 1200 or 1200-V having 72′′ (1829mm) length and standard hooks Model No 1200-SHU unit should be installed with rod centerline 74-1/2′′ (1892mm) AFF or 67′′ (1702mm) above tub rim to obtain 6′′ (152mm) bottom overlap.

Flanges only, rod #1204-2 sold separately.

Product Specifications

3-3/16″ DIA Flange x 1-1/4″ DIA Rod x 1/2″

(81 x 32 x 13 mm)

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