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A0247-TRBS_Tri-Umph Wall Protector Backsplash Plate With Mounting Frame


TRI-Umph™ Dryer Ceramic BACKSPLASH

Made of proprietary absorptive-evaporative ceramic that matches the composition of the water droplet evaporator plate on the TRI-Umph™ hand dryer and has a black powder coated 20 gage steel frame suitable for surface mounting with eight (8) screws (by others). The absorptive-evaporative plate is 9/32″ (7.4 mm) thick and has a face finish of medium matte gray to match the TRI-Umph™ hand dryer. Frame is formed from one piece of steel and has no exposed seams or welded joints and has four (4) exposed mounting tabs formed from frame edges. Frame holds the plate on all edges and only the gray face is visible inside the black frame.

Use with ASI Model № 20200 TRI-Umph™ hand dryer. Plate absorbs water droplets that may blast past the absorptive-evaporative ceramic evaporator plate. Plate continuously evaporates water at a rate matching the absorption of castoff droplets from hand dryer usage. Water cast-off droplets absorbed and subsequently evaporated from plate are prevented from soaking into wall finish behind. Plate may be cleaned at the same time as the dryer unit following instructions found in the dryer Owner Manual.

*Image includes Backsplash and Model № 20200 TRI-Umph hand dryer. Product Model № A0247-TRBS does not include dryer. 

Product Specifications

  • Large absorbing/evaporating ceramic plate covers the wall directly behind the opening of the unit
  • Plate matches the ceramic plate on hand dryer
  • Installation can be retroactive
10-7/16″ x 8-7/8″ x 3/8″ (265 x 226 x 9 mm)
High Speed Yet Quieter

High Speed Yet Quieter
And Energy Efficient

The TRI-Umph™ high-speed hand dryers take less than 12 seconds to completely dry hands. Low Decibel Level: 62.9-67.2 dB-A @ 2M



This unit is wall mounted at a comfortable height in order to permit a natural posture while drying the user‘s hands.


Management System

Water blown from wet hands is pushed onto an absorbent and continuously evaporating ceramic plate, with any excess water channeled into a drip tray.



Over 99% of airborne bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns are eliminated with this hand dryer’s removable three-layer filter system.

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