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7402 Asi Recessedtoilettissueholder@2x


Toilet Tissue Holder (Single) – Recessed, Bright

Bright Finish. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder holds and dispenses all standard core roll tissue up to 6’’ diameter (Ø152) roll. Fabricated of stainless steel type 304 alloy 18-8. Roller is chrome plated high impact resistant ABS plastic and spring-loaded.

Select product with options from Model Options drop-down, below:

  1. If drywall installation is required, add suffix “D” to model number. If wetwall installation is required, add “W” to model number (no clamp is required for wetwall).
  2. Optional finish and mounting style must be specified as bright and wet or drywall. Specify finish and mounting by adding code suffixes to model number (i.e. 7402-BD or 7402-BW).
  • -B: Bright Finish
  • -D: Drywall Holes
  • -W: Wetwall Lugs
  • For theft-resistant spindle, add R-009 after model number.
string(22) "Bright Stainless Steel"
Finish Options: Bright Stainless Steel
Product Specifications


For Wet wall Recessed Mounting: Slop grout into rough wall opening. Apply grout to back of unit and on perforated lugs and push unit into opening to seat flange flush with wall face. Allow unit to set and grout to cure before use.

For Standard Dry Wall Recessed Mounting: Use two (2) No 10 stainless steel Philips flat or oval head self tapping or wood screws (by others) of suitable length to penetrate blocking in back of RWO by approximately 1/2″ (13). Apply a continuous bead of silicone sealant (by others) behind flange. Tighten screws to hold flange tight against finished wall face. Wipe off excess sealant immediately.

Optional Method for Dry Wall Recessed Mounting: Order separate item Model No 39 dry wall clamp. Loosely attach clamp to the back of the unit with two (2) stainless steel Philips flat or oval head No 10B (or 10AB or 10BP) self tapping screws (provided by others to suit wall conditions) through dimpled holes at back of shell. Apply a continuous bead of silicone sealant (by others) behind flange. Insert into RWO and adjust clamp so that it grips inside wall surface through opening. Secure accessory to clamp and wall by tightening screws. Wipe off excess sealant immediately.

Overall Dimensions:

6-1/4″ x 6-1/4″ (160 x 160 mm)

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